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Market In Wait Mode May 27, 2017

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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May 26, 2017 –   This will be short because there’s not much enthusiasm out there either to buy or sell.  Corporate profits were reasonable good as a whole, but the “hope” that was generated after the Trump election has subsided.  True the NASDAQ & S&P 500 have been inching up, but small and mid cap stock have not kept up.  This is a “yellow flag” over the long run, because strong markets typically show strength from small through large cap stocks.  And . . . most speculation happens in the small & mid cap areas.

We note in the chart above volume (i.e. activity) falling off.  Part of this is going into the first summer holiday (in the U.S.), but likely also a “wait & see” stance by traders.  I’ve moved the support level up to 6096 (and 5970) on the chart.  These levels are the weekly lows where we have seen buyers coming into the market; thus a price support level.

China, Semiconductors, Utilities and International stocks are showing the most strength right now.  The coming week will be interesting.  Since there is so much news coming out of Washington DC now, traders have an excuse to sell.  The question is whether they are that uncomfortable or not.  We could be in for a very uneventful summer, unless folks choose “Sell in May and Go Away”.  I’m not expecting much of a move in either direction.

Have a good week.     ………….  Tom  ………….

chart by MetaStock, used with permission


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