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At The (lower) Edge June 17, 2017

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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June 16, 2017 – An interesting week indeed.  Looking at the chart of the broad NASDAQ Composite Index below, we see that we’re still (barely) within the upward sloping price channel and, also above the first price support of 6164.   (Note: I look for a break of any line or level by the Closing price as opposed to the low of the day.)

The Volume Flow indicator continues to show weakness, though it is traveling in a horizontal position.  Money flow showed an up tick this weak and overall Market Sentiment is neutral.  Volume on Friday was high, but that’s typical for the 3rd Friday of the month due to options expiration and folks “squaring up” their expiring positions.

Holding the 6164 level and going into a trading range for this summer is a likely scenario.  The axiom “Sell in May & go away” could very well hold true this year.  There’s been a bunch of talk about a rotation out of Tech & Semiconductors and into Banks & Finance.  I see some evidence of that, particularly in Banks, but so far it’s been fairly muted.  Not much sense in talking about “strong sectors” since not much is showing domination right now.

I’m thinking we’ll just have to wait for the second quarter earnings to drive the markets anywhere this summer, or maybe a political issue will drive it.  Whatever it is, it will likely be a surprise and this market is on edge right now.  Have a good week.     ……… Tom ……..

chart by MetaStock; used with permission.


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