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A Break Above July 21, 2017

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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July 21, 2017 – Wednesday of this week the NASDAQ Composite Index broke above the previous high and continued on for the rest of the week.  The old favorites were back at it: Technology, Biotechnology, Semiconductors and even some Basic Materials.

One area that has been under the radar of some folks is the International markets.  Latin America, China and Emerging Markets have quietly moved higher as well as most developed markets.  On the chart above it’s easy to see the positive flow of Money (top pane) and Volume (second pane).  Market Sentiment also turned bullish this week.

The bottom line is we don’t have much “choice” but to continue to be  long / bullish in the market.  There are geopolitical risks out there but this market just does not seem to care.  The only “caution” is that average daily volume is moving lower.  The question is whether this is due to summer vacations or the lack of new buyers coming into this market.  The rather tight daily bars (range between the high & low price) is a little concerning as well.  That narrow range indicates that buyers and sellers are about equal.  That’s OK with low volumes, but let’s keep an eye open for the “smart money” trying to slowly leave this market and leave everyone else “holding the bag”.

Let me know (via the comment section) if there is any topic that you’d like me to cover.  Comments are always welcome.  Thanks.

Have a good week.          ……….  Tom  …………

Chart by MetaStock; used with permission.


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