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Wait For It ! June 23, 2018

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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June 22, 2018 – A quick look at the chart below implies the early stages of weakness.  The circled indicator on Fridays Close are all headed in the same direction.  My master hedge indicator also shows a trend toward heading to Cash IF the markets don’t rally on Monday.  Also I note the big jump in volume with a narrow range down bar; selling into strength perhaps.  The bottom line is that risk has increased and this is no time to be “hanging out to dry”.

IF this market does correct, how much and for how long?  I have no idea, but likely this would not be a major move; just one for the “hot hands” to dump and reload for the next move up.  Hey . .  it’s Summer and time for some selling into the Fall (possibly).

OK, here’s a list of sectors by strength.  Of note we see Technology, Industrials and Finance toward the bottom . . . not showing leadership.  Just a thought.

Since readership is down, I’m going to make things “short and sweet” . . . . perhaps many are on vacation.  🙂  Cheers and have a good week.   ………….  Tom  ………….


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