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Market Neutral August 10, 2019

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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Aug. 9, 2019 –  After the fall comes the moment of truth.  Is this “buy the drips” (which has worked many times before) or the start of something more substantial?  No one knows for sure, but we do know that “algos” (algorithmic trading) accentuates just about any move of more than 1% in a day, either up or down.  Damage was done via the large chuck of volume traded last week, so we’ll have to see IF buying comes back.  The last couple of days look like short covering rallies.

My key levels are 8041; a close above this would put me into CASH and sell my bear fund insurance.  And 7643; a close below that would have me add to my bear fund insurance and consider exiting a few more stocks.  Other indicators remain “bearish” due to the volumes that were traded on the down bars.

Looking at the broad S&P 1500 stocks and how they are fairing-

Price Strength:Weakness far exceeds strength.  Pretty much what is expected right now.

Accumulation/Distribution:A fairly even distribution of Accumulation (buying), Distribution (selling) and Neutral percentages of stock.  Thus not wholesale selling and more characteristic of a minor correction or a congestion of prices going forward.

Sector Strength:

The more defensive sectors remain at the top of the sector strength table.  It just seems that this market remains “on edge”, looking for direction.  Most of the earnings are now in and has been a few great and poor ones.  What concerns this market is the future and the future looks like a continuation of a trade war and geo-political  turmoil (red N. Korea, Iran, Brixit, slowing and lethargic world economies.  This is the time to be very selective and more short term focused; IMHO.

Have a good week.    ……… Tom ……..


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