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In The Range September 2, 2011

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.

I admit to being a little tired today.  I’ve just finished my monthly newsletter (which is now posted in the Newsletter tab) and I’ve been busy all week with various “advisor chores”; so I don’t feel very much like writing any more.  If you open the newsletter, you’ll see more information, so I won’t be redundant in this weekly blog . . . . just more blunt.

We continue to be in a trading range; a very broad one, but none the less we’re range bound.  You can see that depicted below:


 Why are we in this range?  (Does it matter “why”?)  But in a word, Indecision, the market can’t decide, and low volume just confirms it.  Since there are so many news worth items scheduled for next week, we’ll just have to wait and see if any particular group get overly Bullish or Bearish.  Otherwise, we just continue to bounce between over sold and over bought.

IF prices start to “coil”, get tighter in range both daily and over a few days, that could be an indication of a potential break one way or the other.

Have a Good Labor Day Weekend . . . and rest up, we may need it shortly.


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