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Expecting a Bounce Higher, then . . . October 14, 2018

Posted by Tom in Thoughts.
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Oct. 12, 2018 –  Well now, quite a week !  This was not a surprise but the speed that it unfolded was rather rapid to say the least.  With the number of “Algo Traders” (a.k.a. computers that trade without human intervention) we shouldn’t be surprised by how fast market can move now a days.  So what next?

We started to see potential issues with this market over a week ago when it struggled to make a new high; I’ve labeled that point “Failure” on the chart above.  All of the indicators on the chart are Bearish but let’s look at price levels.  Yes, we blew through the 7700 level and are now (possibly) stalling out in the 7443 area.  Friday had a good close, so it’s reasonable to expect a bounce higher soon.  Going back up to around 7700 would be a likely estimate for a bounce higher, and possibly all the way up to 7933 just to fake everybody out.

The real test will be what happens during that bounce.  Will sellers use that as an opportunity to sell into strength (watch volume), and then head back down again?  We won’t know until that shows itself but we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.  My next (lowest) support level is 7205.  Folks are getting nervous about stocks being overvalued and the continued issue of high tariffs with China.  BTW, those 25% tariffs won’t click in until after the new year.  Will importers “front load” to beat them?  Watch for inventories and not shipping tonnage.

Sector wise there’s not anything worth talking about except for Rising Rates and perhaps Rising Dollar funds.  I’m still watching Latin America; it is volitile.  Right now I’ve cut back on stocks and have a fairly substantial hedge on the rest of the portfolios.  “Hedge” meaning short the Russell Small Cap index and the NASDAQ 100 Index.  Both small caps and technology got hammered; it’s the value thing again.

That’s all for now.  Have a good week.     …………  Tom  ………..

chart by MetaStock; used with permission


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